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          Born in the three islands of England, the birthplace of the world industrial revolution, Land Rover Group Oil Co., Ltd. is a European professional oil energy R &amp; D and processing enterprise with a long history.

          Since the company was founded nearly 100 years ago, its products have passed the API )Certification, international organization for Standardization (ISO) certification, European Association of automobile manufacturers (ACEA) certification, long-term provision of various oil products services for automobiles, ships, aerospace and other large-scale machinery and equipment, is a long-term strategic partner and designated delivery and loading oil supplier of world-famous automobile manufacturers such as Rolls Royce, Bentley, Ferrari, BMW, Benz, Land Rover, Audi, Volkswagen, Ford, etc First, with professional technology, innovative spirit and high-quality products, Land Rover Group Oil Co., Ltd. has developed into one of the famous brands in the global oil and energy industry.

          Since its establishment, the company has taken the research and development of high-end fully synthetic environmental friendly energy-saving oil and lubricating oil products as its own responsibility. It is one of the high-quality products carefully created by the company, which selects a variety of substances, uses the unique and advanced technology in the world to carry out chemical decomposition and prepare synthetic Land Rover synthetic oil. It has the advantages of superior performance, small friction, fast cold start and long service life. With super clean ability and unique maintenance function, it can not only save fuel consumption, but also greatly extend the life of automobile engine, fully meet all the needs of automobile, ship, industrial machinery and other equipment in various complex environments.

          According to the global strategic deployment and development needs, in recent years, the company has paid more and more attention to the mainland market of China. In Shanghai, an important economic and financial center of China, the company has set up the China branch of Land Rover Group Oil Co., Ltd., marking that the company has begun to march into the Chinese market.

          In view of the actual situation and demand of the Chinese market, the company closely focuses on the promotion, sales and technical services of Land Rover total synthetic engine oil series products, and takes the upstream and downstream technical services and automobile maintenance applications as the key development direction. By providing high-tech core products and strong technical support, the company makes every effort to help the partners to explore the market and provide high-quality products for Chinese consumers Volume products and faster international standardized one-stop service.

          In the new era of rapid development of science and technology, Land Rover Group Petroleum Co., Ltd. will connect the past with the future, explore and innovate, strive to provide high-quality products and satisfactory services for Chinese consumers, and provide permanent power for building a green home and the development of human civilization.


                 英国路虎润滑油公司成立以来,长期为汽车、舰船、 航空航天和其他大型机械设备提供各类油品服务,是劳斯莱斯、宾利、法拉利、玛奔驰、路虎奥迪、大众、福特等世界有名汽车制造商长期战略伙伴和指定出厂装车油供应商之一,凭借专业的技术、 创新的精神和高质量的产品,英国路虎集团石油股份有限公司已经发展成为全球石油能源行业的有名品牌之一。


                根据全球战略部署和发展需要,近年来,公司日益关注中国大陆市场,在中国重要经济金融中心城市上海专[ J成立了英国路虎集团石油股份有限公司中国分公司,标志着企业开始大步进军中国市场。




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